Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thanks a Latte!

I don't have a beverage category so I had to decide between one this doesn't fit into or nothing so I choose dessert!

This is for everyone who has someone in their lives that didn't know what else to get them for Christmas so they got you an espresso machine. You might as well use it if you've got it!

How to Use Your Espresso Machine to Make Lattes
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  • Finely ground coffee or espresso beans
  • 1 1/2 c milk
  • Espresso machine
  • Latte mug


Pull Espresso Shots
1) Measure water and pour it into the reservoir and seal it tight.

2) If you have one of the lower end ones like mine, I like to turn it on steam first so that it will heat up the water with out ruining your espresso grounds. Place your mug underneath the steaming wand for when it starts dripping. Turn off when it's about to start steaming.

3) Fill your filter basket with espresso/coffee grounds and use a knife or spatula to make it level.
4) Use a tamper to pack it tight.
5) Set portafilter into the head and turn on.
*If you have one like mine, I do not advise that you pull more than 2 "shots" of espresso at a time.
6) Turn off when it reaches the 2 line or if yours comes with little cups, when they are full.

Steam Milk
1) If you have a frothing thermometer, attach it to the side of your frothing, submerged in the milk.
2) Turn machine on to steam and let it steam until between 160 and 180 degrees or until the pitcher is too hot to touch.
3) To make it foam a little, lower the pitcher so that the steam wand is just below the surface of your milk.

4) Pour your espresso into your latte mug and then pour milk over it. Use a spoon to hold back or pull foam into your mug if you want more/less foam.
5) Add sweetener if desired and enjoy!

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  1. This really makes me want an espresso machine!

    I go to Starbucks all the time, I would love to be able to make my own :D


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