Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Better Cookie

Yes this post is a day late. Also, welcome to the first installment of Tasty Treat Tuesday. These recipes are just simple quick treat ideas. Last week's milkshake was one of them except I hadn't created the icon yet. They also won't be every week, they will be posted if an idea strikes me.

This week is for everyone with crappy leftover store bought cookies. Chocolate coat the bottom for yummier cookie! I used milk chocolate because it's my preference and it melts nicer, but use semi-sweet if that's more your taste.


1) Microwave on high for 1 minute then 15 second intervals, stirring with a knife in between.

2) Place cookie in chocolate and push down to get an even coat. Use the tip of a knife to lift an edge to remove from chocolate.

3) Let cool on parchment or silicone until chocolate has set. Place in refrigerator to speed up process if needed.


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